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Get out on the water!Proper preparation is an important part of having a safe and enjoyable canoe trip. Follow these suggestions:

  • Wear loose, light, comfortable clothing (if you sunburn easily, wearing a hat, a long-sleeved shirt, and trousers is recommended).
  • For better footing on slippery surfaces, and to protect against injury from sharp rocks or debris, wear rubber-soled canvas shoes.
  • Use a waterproof bag (large food storage bags with zip-type seals work well) to prevent extra clothing, food, and important items such as a wallet from getting wet. Tie or strap the bag to the canoe so it won’t be lost in case of a spill.
  • Paddling can make you work up a powerful thirst. Carry a container of water or other liquid for drinking. Never use glass containers. They are illegal on the Kankakee River, since they can break and endanger you and others.

    Note: Alcoholic beverages are banned within the Kankakee River State Park.

  • A canoe trip should be a relaxing and leisurely event–allow plenty of time to swim, fish, picnic, or go exploring (don’t trespass on private property). You should allow one hour of paddling time for each 2.5 miles of river distance.
  • Leave the river as beautiful as you found it, or even more beautiful! Don’t leave litter behind; take out everything you brought in. Even better, pick up some of the trash left by people who weren’t as thoughtful as the members of your party.


Reed’s Canoe Trips reserves the right to cancel or substitute any trip due to weather, unsafe water conditions, or any other reason we deem necessary as management.

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